Our Brands 

NUK - 'the orthodontists' Choice' – our founding brand

“Everything we do for our children has an impact on later life”. Based on this conviction NUK has been dedicating itself for years now to developing products that support and promote the healthy development of your child - consistently and in the long term. More than 60 years ago, the orthodontist Prof. Dr. Dr. Balters and the dentist Dr. med. dent. Müller developed the first natural and orthodontic soother fashioned on the shape of the mother’s nipple during breastfeeding. NUK Soothers have been designed to simulate mother’s nipple during breastfeeding and thus to optimally fit baby’s oral cavity. They satisfy the natural sucking desire and train the muscles of the jaw which plays an essential role in learning to eat and to speak later on. The NUK Air System ensures that air can escape through the baglet - thus allowing it to stay soft and malleable. All NUK Products are based on this principle of promoting healthy oral and overall development. This gives parents all over the world that secure feeling of doing the right thing – right from the start. Most South African Orthodontists recommend NUK before any other brand (Source: 2016, Qualitative Quarter Research Consultants).

JJ Cole

Product created and designed with parents in mind, making today simpler and tomorrow more memorable.
JJ Cole strives to bring the enthusiasm we experience within our own families and express it in our products and designs. JJ Cole has created products such as the Swag diaper bag and diaper caddy that simplify and beautify life while riding on the cutting edge of fresh and hip. As parents, you provide the inspiration that helps us create the products you know and love.


More and more parents today choose to use cotton nappies as the best way to care for their baby. The Bambino Mio brand is founded on the principles of quality, convenience, comfort and style. Bambino Mio offers a complete nappy system suitable for babies from newborn to potty training. Our nappies are 100% cotton which means they are naturally soft, breathable and absorbent, maintaining a healthy temperature.


The Korbell Nappy Disposal System provides the ultimate in convenience and simplicity thanks to the system's high-quality, durable enclosure. It is advanced, odour-free and hygienic. It uses a triple-sealing system to ensure odour-free nappy disposal. Simply use the foot pedal to open the unit's lid (your hands never touch the unit) and wrap the nappy using biodegradable disposable bags which are dispensed via an easy-to-load cartridge.


Parenting is easier with Baby Brezza

Say goodbye to the time & hassle of manually preparing baby’s bottle. Introducing the NEW Formula Pro which uses patent-pending technology to measure, dispense & mix water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature and consistency in seconds!

The NEW One Step Food Maker is a patented, multi-functional baby food maker which allows you to steam and blend fruits, vegetables, meats and fish all in one bowl quickly and easily. In as little as fifteen minutes, you can have a healthful, nutritious and delicious meal ready for your baby – and the satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself!


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